China, Hong Kong & Macau Holidays

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China Holidays

China is a vast country with rich tourism resource. China is one of four civilized ancient countries so many historical and cultural sites are left behind like Great Wall, Terra Cotta Army, Forbidden City, ancient towns and so on. As its latitude spans about 50 degrees, China ranges from tropical zone in the far south to subarctic zone in the far north which offers different natural views like white sand beaches in Hainan Island and beautiful and unique rime in northeast China. Owing to its history and natural landscape, China has a quantity of spots to offer spectacular scenery, exotic culture, and the buzz of activities, etc.

China is a large tourist country with time-honored history, profound culture and breathtaking scenery, which appeals numerous travel-lovers to pay a visit annually. China Travel Destinations page offers the most popular China travel places, such as time-honored Beijing, ancient Xian, picturesque Guilin, metropolitan Shanghai, majestic Yangtze River, mysterious Tibet and breathtaking Yunnan and Panda's hometown Chengdu as well as the shopping paradise Hong Kong. Information about other China cities are also offered. Click for more information about these popular China travel destination.

China boasts numerous attractions, from historical sites, cultural sites to scenic sites.

Hong Kong Tourism

Hong Kong’s the city boasts a vibrant cultural scene that features the eclectic influences of its Chinese roots, colonial connections and a wondrous pool of homegrown talent.

As Asia's world city, Hong Kong has much to offer to you as a visitor, whether you are coming here on business or for pleasure. A city of charm the sophistication of an international city, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyle are at the very core of Hong Kong's attractions it also offer unspoilt natural parkland and spectacular scenery.

Macau Holidays

Macau, located on the southeast coast of China, is a special administrative region of the country. Being Asia's well-known gambling Mecca, it is a place to find the traditional Chinese culture while enjoying the exotic Portuguese buildings. The name of the city is derived from the word Magao (A-Ma Temple), which was the shrine dedicated to Mazu, a sacred sea goddess respected by the local people. It was said that in the middle of sixteenth century when the Portuguese first set foot there, one of the officers asked a fisherman the name of the land. The man misunderstanding the officer's meaning, answered 'Magao' - the name of A-Ma Temple in front them. The word became the Portuguese name for the land and for nearly 400 years, the Portuguese ruled here prior to its official return to the People's Republic of China on December 20, 1999 as a special administrative region.

Most visitors who have been there conclude that it is a location suited to both tourism and living as it is a beautiful city with clean streets, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. Sunshine, clear air, green lands and all sorts of delicious food all contribute to its many attractions.

Wandering around is the best way to explore the city's numerous historical and cultural heritages. Popular sightseeing places that form part of a visitor's itinerary are spread all over the Peninsular. Largo do Senado, the splendid main square with surrounding simple, elegant Portuguese and baroque style buildings is the busiest downtown area of the city. Clothing shops, curio markets, pharmacies, snack stalls and jewelry shops housed in the narrow alleyways that radiate from the square sell dazzling items.