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Travel7c is a travel website that helps you in managing your Bus, Air, Train and Car journeys easily. Our prices are competitive and suited to a variety of budgets. We also offer you booking options aboard a wide range of bus operator services. Browse our website to avail new deals and exciting offers on various travel options and Ticketing

Bus Ticketing

At Travel7c, we take all modes of travel seriously travel7c simplifies booking of bus tickets for bus travellers all over India. We're proud to offer a huge selection of bus tickets and bus service booking options, taking you to all of India's top destinations. Book your Bus offline over 750 locations throughout India. If you need a place to stay during your bus travel, make sure to explore our impressive selection of cheap hotels as well. brings together government and private bus transport operators across India under a single window, thus facilitating users to plan their bus travel across Indian cities. Travel7c is the portal for interstate connectivity; it also enables users to do trip booking and hotel booking, providing a full itinerary experience for the first time in Indian bus booking.

Air Tickets

In India, Airline Tickets are quite easy to search and book, since the country has a vast network of over 65 airports and many airline operators across the region. In fact, tickets booking are now such an easy task that almost every internet user now uses online ticketing sites to book travel airline tickets. There are multiple airlines in India, 9 of which sell cheap air tickets on their own sites, and there are also more than 12 Indian travel sites which compare cheapest ticket availability across all the flight ticket providers, including international airline tickets.

Almost all important cities in India have their own domestic airport. There are more than 8 international airports in India and more than 65 domestic airports. Each airport has airline counters where last-minute airline ticket deals can be found. Similarly there are many air-line reservation systems used for domestic ticketing and one can logon to the respective sites of the carriers to find more information about the fare pricing and availability of cheap options for your plane yatra.

There are 3 Classes of domestic airlines tickets that can be found in the Indian subcontinent

For all these 3 types, there are refundable and non-refundable travel airline ticket options. The best part about flying on in India is that tickets for any airline are available for buying from multiple places. There are LCCs, low cost carriers who are experts at internet booking engines that sell their airline tikets and there are FSCs (full service carriers) which compete on value and service.

There are also 2 broad types of airline tickets - refundable, where there is a possibility of getting a full refund of the fare (minus some minimum deductions / charges) in the case of modification or cancellation and non-refundable tickets, where the airline does not give passengers any refund in the case of changes made to the booking.

On Travel7c, you can find all kinds of cheap airlines ticket aggregated and compared across multiple travel sites. We assure you of the lowest fare and most comprehensive comparison of options.


Traveling by Indian rail has its own unique feel to it. To keep that ongoing, railway reservation is made not only cheap but it is also very quick, user friendly and easy. One can get all the information about online train reservation services in India by using the Indian Rail Time Table, or the Indian Rail Map. Even though, the air fares are low in the country, Indian passengers travel often by train only because of them being used to the nature of the Indian rail trips, especially for shorter intercity train routes. Indian tradition has always supported traveling by train and it is because of that the Indian Rail Tourism is known worldwide.

Reservation of tickets on Indian Rail through the IRCTC Indian Rail Ticket Booking website allows one to check the railway seat availability and PNR status in real-time and a comfortable printing of the railway e-ticket.

Indian Rail takes you to otherwise unexplored sites and rail conveyance can cover a lot more countryside than any other mode of transportation available. As far as the railway reservation in India is concerned, there are a lot of options at one's disposal especially for luxury rail tourism.

However, Indian railway ticket reservation is a no-hassle business. Just lay your hands on any railway reservation booking outlet around you and make your way to the different rail journeys. India's most successful online railway reservation system has made it excitingly simple for passengers to book railway tickets online.

Indian Railways is constantly working eagerly to provide the best possible services to not only the Indian passengers but also to the visitors who come to the country. To get a rail reservation instantly, one only has to have access to a system or a laptop or even a mobile phone now. Moreover, there are rail reservation systems that make railway reservation enquiry virtually from any official rail website possible. This is how the entire system of booking railway tickets has become more accessible and affordable with time. The whole tension of making a train reservation is lightened because of all these efforts by the Indian railways.

Different Types of Train Tickets

Car Rental

Travel7c is a promise to every customer. We ensure a stress-free car rental experience by providing superior services that cater to our customer's individual needs. Spread widely in India covering over 19 cities and 42 locations, Travel7c has become the top brand in Car Rental and Car hire services. Our services includes Self-drive and Chauffeur drive cars, ranging from Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and many more. The company also provides exclusive railway transfers and airport transfers for pickup and drop facilities.

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a young and vibrant land travel support infrastructure firm providing complete range of Best quality premium Vehicle Services 24x7. Who Share one objective to serve the unique needs of discerning travelers. Travel7c offers a wide range of models, with a choice of sizes and styles to suit your requirements.

Travel7c is today poised to bring luxury to every segment of society and the objective of the company is to provide high quality service at competitive rates to business world. We have made pioneering contribution to travel sector, having provided faster and reliable service to the demanding needs of the corporate and individuals.

And if you need additional assistance, Travel7c Customer Service representatives are available 24 hours a day to help you with any questions you may have when booking your tickets.

When you book bus, Train and Air tickets with Travel7c, you can be confident that you have done so at the lowest price.