A passport is a must when you plan to travel out of your country of residence. It is an identity card that endorses your legitimate citizenship. Without a valid passport, you will not be allowed to enter any country. When you book your travel through, we ensure that your passport is safe and well taken care of. Here you’ll find all the essential information you need about rules & regulations regarding passports, including the process for procuring a new passport and renewing an existing one.

Passport Application: Basic Requirements: The prescribed passport application duly filled in should be with all prescribed documents and fees. Merely submission of an application, however, does not constitute a claim for issue of a passport. It remains a request/requisition for a passport, which may be rejected due to deficiency in the supporting documents, not following the prescribed procedures or any other reason.,/p>

The basic supporting documents required with passport application include

Proof of date of birth and educational qualifications - any one of the following (Attested photo copy)

In case of illiterate/ semi-literate persons a sworn affidavit is to be attested by a Magistrate, Tehsildar or Sarpanch as per specimen given in the form.

Six photographs (black & white or color)

Requirements for Fresh Passport

TATKAL SCHEME: The applicant's passport size photograph is also required to be affixed on the Verification Certificate and attested by the officer issuing the Verification Certificate with his/her signature and rubber stamp in a Letter head in such a way that half the signature and stamp appear on the photograph and half of the certificate

For proof of stay, applicant should produce any ONE of the following documents

For Proof of Date of Birth applicant should produce any ONE of the following documents

Requirements for Fresh Passport for Minors (up to 18 years)